Michelle Smith

Michelle Smith moved to the Rocky Mountains from the east coast in 2002 to pursue a lifestyle that revolved around a passion for challenging herself with mountain adventures. As she immersed herself into this lifestyle, she discovered that what engaged her the most was not her own quest, but the community and characters that she encountered in the mountains. She picked up a camera in 2009 and quickly developed a passion for documenting mountain lifestyles, characters, and adventures through film and photography. Her film-making career now focuses on commercial, non-profit, small business, editorial, and documentary story-telling.

Michelle currently lives in Colorado with her husband Jason and three year old son Kilian.



Director/Camera/Editor: Running with the Belles-Ungrounded Productions 2016

Editor: On Thin Ice-Pete McBride Productions 2016

Assistant Editor: Holy (Un) Holy River-Pete McBride Productions 2016

Assistant Producer: Martin’s Boat-Pete McBride Productions 2016

Assistant Editor: Leave it as it is-Pete McBride Productions 2015

Director/Editor: Vintage Snow- Ungrounded Productions 2013

Director/Editor: Shattered- Story of a Mountain Rescue –Ungrounded Productions 2010